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NETWORK HARDWARE Wireless RoutersWireless Routers and Access Points from companies like Linksys and Netgear allow your workstations to access the network and Internet without running wires. SwitchesNetwork switches connect multiple workstations together. Unlike Hubs, they do not send data to all points on the network, but instead send data only to the sending and receiving workstations. HubsNetwork Hubs provide ports to extend the number of workstations that can be linked together in a network. MAUsSimilar to a Hub for a Token Ring network, the MAU provides additional functionality by closing the loop in a token ring if the workstation connected should fail. Network Interface CardsA Network Interface Card is typically installed inside a workstation in a PCI slot and provides for access to a 10/100/1000 Twisted Pair Ethernet network. BridgesA Bridge is a network device that links two separate network segments and prevents data from one side from crossing over to the other side unless the data is destined for the other segment. RoutersA Router connects two or more networks, providing for IP address translation (typically NAT) and limited firewall functionality. GatewaysA Gateway device combines the functions of a simple two-network router and a switch and is used to connect two different networks (typically a LAN and the Internet) RepeatersA Repeater extends the distance of a network by amplifying the signals between two physically distant networks. TransceiversA Transceiver is used in certain types of networks to transfer 5volt data signals into the appropriate signals for the network. In Ethernet 10/100/1000 Twisted Pair networks, the transceiver is part of the Network Interface Card. FirewallsA Firewall is a dedicated security device that prevents unauthorized access (hackers, viruses, etc.) from and to a network by blocking the data according to rules set up in its configuration.